Tyler Dunham

b. 1987, ME.



Havana Libre (Producer)
Bones (Producer)
Peninsula Clean Energy (Director)
Chaos + Stillness (Producer & Rider)
Nobody Love (Producer)
MoveIt! (Director)
Love, the Bus (Creator)

+ more


Tyler Dunham is a polymath. With skills ranging from creative strategy to custom motorcycle design, he has spent his life learning, traveling and creating.

Tyler has had the fortune to work with the highly regarded branding firm Collins: in NYC, Senator Angus King in Maine, and spent 6 months driving a converted school bus around the country for good. He spends most days now producing projects and strategizing long-term for MAKEWILD.

Tyler likes maple syrup, powder days, and mezcal. He likes to meet people who exude enthusiasm, determination, optimism and a passion for exploring the natural world.

Give him a call: 207.577.6768