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Saved by the GoPro

In 2015 GoPro launched their platform ‘GoPro For A Cause’. Designed to help those doing good things for the world, it showcases organizations and their successful projects through inspiring GoPro centric videos.

While on assignment in Uganda, MakeWild director Seth C Brown was noob enough to have his gear stolen upon landing in the country. However, a vital bit of equipment was overlooked by the thieves: and with a single GoPro, Seth complete his very first assignment abroad.  

After discovering the completed video for NGO Bicycles Against Poverty, GoPro acquired the content and launched their cause platform with BAP as a premiering partner.  

The original film ‘A Story of Opportunities’, and more on Seth's learning experience can be found here. 

GoPro's video on Bicycles Against Poverty can be located here, and their version of the story is below:

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