tales from the road

Introducing Yojani; one of Cuba's 100 surfers.

Yojani is a man with an astounding attitude. Exuding more positivity than a sunny day, our time with him inspired many themes within Havana Libre. A leader in Cuba's skate culture, he is also one of the top surfers in the country. 

Actually ranking surfers in the country is a near impossible task due to the challenging situation of equipment and consistent waves, however, our of the many surfers we filmed and photographed, his style on the water matched his incredible talent and grace on pavement. 

It can be difficult to accurately introduce all the necessary characters with in a feature length timeframe, so to give you a small taste of what is to come, we proudly announce a short vignette in partnership with GoPro.

Filmed entirely with their versatile camera, we hope you enjoy this little introduction: