Shasta Mattey

b. 1987, ME.



Ripple Networks (Visual Designer)
Visible Factors (Creative Director)
Well & Wild (Creative Director)
Logos (Visual Designer)
Forage Research (Creative Director)

+ more


Shasta Mattey has a passion for all things creative – from creating fine art in her free time, to falling in love with photography through her many travels, to building furniture and interior styling, her world is seen through a lens of style and design at all times.

She studied Graphic Communication with a concentration in Design Reproduction Technology at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and has been a freelance graphic designer for the past five years, focusing on branding and UI design.

Shasta has traveled to over 30 countries, sharing her design and development skills with small businesses around the world. She currently splits her time between the waves of Venice Beach and the trees of Portland, Oregon.